[Talk-GB] OS Opendata & the new license/CT

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Sep 16 08:37:27 BST 2010


Ed Avis wrote:
> It's hard to give a factual answer to this.  However the only reasonable guess
> is 'no'.  I cannot imagine any licence change going ahead that would require
> giving up the OS data.

Pardon me for barging in with an international perspective, but bear in 
mind that OS-derived data in OSM makes up only a tiny fraction of OSM 
data world-wide, and that OSM is not primarily a data importing project.

I, too, assume that the license change will not jeopardise OS data but 
in the grand scheme of things, if OS data were found out to be 
incompatible, it would only be a minor loss that should not unduly 
impede the switch to a better license.


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