[Talk-GB] OS Locator data update

Robert Scott lists at humanleg.org.uk
Sat Sep 18 22:04:55 BST 2010

Like all cool people I spent my saturday evening merging streetname databases.

This means that musical chairs[1] is now using the updated, "May 2010" release of OS OpenData Locator. (The previous release was called OS_Locator2009_2.txt which I assumed to mean second half of 2009, so this is probably a normal 6-month update)

The reason it wasn't a simple matter of dropping in the new Locator is I wanted to keep vaguely stable ids between OS Locator versions (Locator files don't come with any sort of id or primary key for entries) and had to devise a scheme to map my old ids to new entries etc. I'll discuss this further another time and publish a modified OS Locator file annotated with my assigned ids at some point if anybody wants it.

If anyone's interested in the changes between the two Locators, for the next few days looking at low zoom levels of the country in "recent changes" mode will give you a fair summary: most of the shown changes will be as a result of the Locator database being changed.


[1] http://ris.dev.openstreetmap.org/oslmusicalchairs

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