[Talk-GB] Distinguishing between RCN and LCN

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Fri Sep 24 14:08:05 BST 2010

Richard wrote:

> So with the gradual demise of the 'official' Regional Route
> scheme,
> I'd suggest we formalise what seems to be largely (but not
> always)
> accepted practice:
> - NCN (network=ncn, or ncn_ref=*) is used for the National
> Cycle
> Network - signposted as white numbers on red.
> - RCN (network=rcn, or rcn_ref=*) is used for routes and
> networks of
> county/regional scope. For example, the Yorkshire Dales
> Cycleway, the
> Sperrins network, and existing Regional Routes (until they
> become NCN).
> - LCN (network=lcn, or lcn_ref=*) is used for routes and
> networks of
> city/town scope. For example, the numbered networks within
> London,
> Worcester, Oxford; and the unnumbered but coherent network
> within
> Cambridge.
> Any thoughts?

It sounds sensible and easy-ish to pick which category a route would
fall into. 

It's a bit more rural around here, so I picked lcn for the recently
signposted route (I think the art event it related to is over, but
the signs are of the same quality/type as the NCN ones, so look
likely to remain much longer):
This is all within the Tendring district of Essex. If it had strayed
across to Suffolk or Colchester Borough I'd have probably then
picked rcn. I think on your guidance above it would also be rcn as
it extends much beyond any single town? Should I update the
relation, do you think?


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