[Talk-GB] Historical Mapping in OSM

Richard Palmer richard.d.palmer at kcl.ac.uk
Sun Sep 26 23:47:52 BST 2010

Dear all,

	I'm involved in a project looking at the history of a street in London
	(The Strand). One of things we'd like to do is produce a 'animated' map
	showing the changes along it from the C18th onwards. I've had a go at
	adding some attributes to OSM for building dates and then generated
	different tiles for layers each century, (quick demo up at:


	), only drawing the buildings that existed at that time (also
	colour coded), allowing people to see the change in buildings
	over time.  Obviously far more building layouts need adding,
	which we can hopefully take from historical maps (of varying

	Has anybody else done this with OSM before ?. As far as I can see
	we could use more or less the same technique being used to enter
	out-of-copyright maps into the current OSM map, but also add the
	building dates (which will need some research) and then generate
	the different layers as above. Does this seem reasonable, or could
	anybody suggest a better way to do it?.



	For some reason I couldn't find where in the stylesheet Gym/Health
	clubs were being generated, which is why they always appear, even
	in the 11th century.

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