[Talk-GB] Historical Mapping in OSM

Richard Palmer richard.d.palmer at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Sep 27 12:25:03 BST 2010

Dear Dave,

>   On 26/09/2010 23:47, Richard Palmer wrote:
> > 	I'm involved in a project looking at the history of a street in London
> > 	(The Strand). One of things we'd like to do is produce a 'animated' map
> > 	showing the changes along it from the C18th onwards. I've had a go at
> > 	adding some attributes to OSM for building dates and then generated
> > 	different tiles for layers each century, (quick demo up at:
> Is this what we should be using OSM for? For me OSM is for *current* 
> data (I've been deleting any demolished buildings).

Sorry, I should have made clear, for this project we're quite happy to run
a seperate mapnik/openlayers server showing the data. Although I would be
quite interested in building that up into a more general historical map
server (ideally kept in sync with "current" OSM but historical information
as well), but that's just a personal project (with lots of problems!) and
not what's needed at the moment.

> This project sounds great, but should be set up as a separate entity. 
> The database would become far to cluttered otherwise.


> I've an abandoned railway in my area where sections of it are now 
> invisible having been completely leveled & used as agricultural land. 
> Someone's tagged these as railway=abandoned. I don't think they should.

Yes, what's more interesting (and now possible) for me would be showing
the change in usage over time, especially for heavily mapped areas like



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