[Talk-GB] Rebooting the NAPTAN import?

Steve Chilton s.l.chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Sun Apr 3 11:35:33 BST 2011

The "audit" might also identify area champions.
I feel that I have a pretty good eye on what is happening in my Borough (Enfield) and try to be actively maintaining the data for it (possibly less well in southern edge of Borough).
Would it help to see what parts of London have similar active community monitors in place?

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On 3 April 2011 10:28, Andy Allan <gravitystorm at gmail.com<mailto:gravitystorm at gmail.com>> wrote:
I've found this in swathes of south London - pairs of naptan and
non-naptan bus stops along major roads, suggesting that it's been
years of things not being fixed up before I noticed. I was quite
surprised to see that given that London is one of our most
actively-mapped areas!

One reason is probably that swathes of south London were mapped in parties pre:NAPTAN and haven't seen much comprehensive love since then from local mappers. I've noticed many of the bus stop pairs in areas that also still have TimC's very roughly traced residential areas and a thin smattering of POIs.

It would be interesting to use these bus stop pairs (and the verified tag on NAPTAP stops); the OS Locator comparison tools; perhaps POI density and TimC's residential areas; all to produce an audit of the OSM community in London... which areas are receiving active attention, and which are just improved occasionally by people passing through?

My perception is that in Southwark, for example, only about a third of it is "actively mapped".


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