[Talk-GB] Maxspeed tagging for the UK

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Wed Apr 6 14:22:44 BST 2011

Do we have a preference for tagging unrestricted limits in the UK? I say
that because a section of the A1 is beginning to look a bit war damaged  (as
in edit war).

It started with maxspeed=national. I changed it to maxspeed=70 mph. Christcf
then added a 'source:maxspeed = UK:nsl_dual' and also 'FIXME:nsl = inferred
dual-carriageway NSL - remove this tag once verified; if this is a Special
Road, remove the source:maxspeed tag and add motorroad=yes'. And now c2r has
changed maxspeed back to national!

Here is the way in question:

My preference is to put a numeric speed in the maxspeed field and something
like 'UK:nsl_dual' in source:maxspeed field, however I am not that keen on a
prolonged edit war on this and want to gauge wider opinion.

If it is ok to put something like 'national' in the maxspeed field then what
text options are appropriate for the UK? 'national' seems too vague.
'UK:national' or 'GB:national' would fit with the recommended structure as
would 'UK:motorway', 'UK:nsl_dual' and 'UK:nsl_single' however I can find no
guidance on that.

Assuming we are supporting these second format then where should the look-up
table be that gives the values? This page is having a go at it but doesn't
seem to be doing a very good job!

Incidentally, I have also updated the key:maxspeed wiki page so that it more
clearly represents the tagging recommendations and options available, in
particular it presents the two options for encoding implicit speed limits
well. Can people see if they agree with current representation of opinion.

Any thoughts?

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