[Talk-GB] findmaps using OSM, and current situation regarding use of OS 'stuff' used in Google maps

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Wed Apr 6 19:01:25 BST 2011

On 06/04/2011 17:46, Jason Cunningham wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recently was made aware of Findmaps new free service that overlays a 
> lot of recently released UK data over maps.
> http://free.findmaps.co.uk/
> The available background maps are 'google maps' 'osm mapnik' and OS.
> You then chose to see several different datasets sourced, for example, 
> from Natural England and Ordnance Survey.
> You can add (draw) you own basic shapes/lines/arrows, and print out a pdf.
> Overall an excellent service
> But it raises three issues.
> 1. The OSM map is called the "Urban Detail". Since Google Map gets 
> called Google Map it would of been nice to see OSM referred to as OSM. 
> But I guess the whole point of OSM is to provide maps (data) with a 
> minimum of use restrictions.
> 2. The use of OS data in Google Maps. I though this wasn't allowed. 
> Last time I looked at this there was a problem with googles terms of 
> use, which OS were not happy with. I remember thinking OS were in the 
> right, and remember a response from OS which suggested that other 
> mapping sites could be used. Since findmaps is clearly using OS data 
> with with Google maps it suggests the situation has changed. Does 
> anybody have info on the current state of play.
> 3. The use of Natural England data. Seems Natural England have an even 
> more complex set of terms and conditions for their data sets [link 
> <http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/publications/data/default.aspx>]. I 
> therefore find it hard to believe this data can be used in google 
> maps. Has there been any discussion about using Natural Englands data 
> in OSM because it does provide some very useful info (eg national trails)
> Cheers,
> Jason
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I think the Google/OS issue has been partially resolved. However I share 
your other concerns.

OSM does not appear to properly described (or attributed). Richard 
Fairhurst pointed these issues out on talk-legal some time ago, and has 
subsequently alluded to many other non-attributed uses of OSM. I'm 
hoping he might write something up on it.

Data from Natural England and English Heritage appear to be being used 
when as far as I know they have restrictive licenses. It may be that 
these licenses are old and have been replaced by the standard 
opendata.gov.uk licenses, but as I have found discovering whether this 
is the case can be quite long winded. I did raise the issue of the 
status of Natural England data on the National Archives site a few 
months ago, but have not had any email reply.

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