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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sat Apr 9 08:15:09 BST 2011

On 6 April 2011 16:53, Ed Loach <ed at loach.me.uk> wrote:

> Richard wrote:
> > I'd put the number for cars (ie 70mph for a dual carriageway), and
> > the source if it's not the number that's on the sign.
> This is similar to what I've done. For areas where a national speed
> limit applies I have used
>        maxspeed= (maximum speed for cars, which is the maximum
> maximum I believe, if you see what I mean)
> I was also tagging
>        maxspeed:type=national
> or
>        maxspeed:type=national_dual_carriageway
> (no others apply locally). I added these mainly for my use in case
> the government ever change the maximum speed for cars on such roads,
> as has been rumoured on occasion in the press, so that I can use
> XAPI or JOSM or similar to update the maxspeed values more easily).

We seem to be nudging towards something close to a conclusion.

Can I suggest that the following two methods are valid, however the second
one should be considered to be 'better' and where it is used then it should
be retained to avoid edit warring.

I have worked a bit on the 'type' tagging to allow it to include the county
which might be GB or UK depending on how Northern Ireland interprets the
rules - is it always the same as the rest of the UK?

On reflection the convention used elsewhere to put the IT:urban or whatever
into the source:maxspeed tag seems to be misunderstanding the purpose of
source tag which should be for such explanations as 'survey' or 'TfL open
speed data' or whatever. Notice that I am have used 'GB:urban' for the 30mph
no sign situation to match up better with 'IT:urban' etc.

Method 1

Method 2
maxspeed=60 mph
maxspeed:type=GB:dual_carriageway (or GB:motorway, GB:rural, GB:urban)

If we can agree on the above I will add it to the relevant wiki pages.



> Then chriscf splattered a load of source:maxspeed tags across the
> roads, so I added those too to other national speed limit ways I
> tagged (to save him doing it) - after reading the wiki it seems to
> be a fairly well used tag in some other countries, though chriscf
> made up the UK values he used; I suggested he add them to the wiki
> but apparently past experiences means he doesn't want to touch the
> wiki "until there's a *major* shift in mindset there". Again he
> distinguishes between single carriageway and dual carriageway with
> the values he chose.
> Ed
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