[Talk-GB] Maxspeed tagging for the UK

Steve Doerr doerr.stephen at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 08:49:30 BST 2011

On 09/04/2011 08:15, Peter Miller wrote:

> maxspeed:type=GB:dual_carriageway (or GB:motorway, GB:rural, GB:urban)

I don't like the urban/rural dichotomy for the UK as it doesn't 
correspond to anything in the legislation here - unless you believe that 
street-lighting is a specifically urban phenomenon.

In UK law, the implicit 30 mph speed limit is associated with a 
'restricted road', which is any road having 'a system of street lighting 
furnished by means of lamps placed not more than 200 yards apart' 
(except, presumably, one where an explicit speedlimit or the 'national' 
speed limit applies). So maybe GB:restricted_road would be better?

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