[Talk-GB] Publishing Self-Devised Walks

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sun Apr 10 10:40:56 BST 2011

     >There are also sites like Nick Whitelegg's Freemap     which are aiming to integrate the sort of information walkers are     interested in sharing. 

Depending on other commitments/level of interest, I could do some more work on Freemap regarding this.

At the moment, on Freemap, you can create a walk route by drawing one on top of the map. The underlying OSM ways will automatically be found by the software so the walk route will read "follow the public bridleway for 3.45km in a SE direction", etc. Furthermore, Freemap annotations (where you can annotate interesting views, etc, on the map) will be automatically added to the route.

The "manage your own walks" functionality, while present, is rather under-developed though - it's basically just a list of saved walks with links to full descriptions and maps - no real "social" aspect, etc.


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