[Talk-GB] Announcing OpenEcoMaps (to geeks)

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Tue Apr 12 07:53:41 BST 2011

Hello all,

After a long period of development I'm happy to announce that OpenEcoMaps is
basically functional: http://www.openecomaps.co.uk

OpenEcoMaps takes data about “eco” (green / sustainable) features stored in
OpenStreetMap and turns them into KML files that are shown as overlays on
the map, making it easy for people to find out where they can get a
vegetarian meal, forage some wild fruit, spot a solar panel, recycle a can,
pick up a car club car, or spend some money in a cinema.

You can use these KML files on your own map, or in Google Earth; you can
embed the OpenEcoMaps map in your own web site; or you can just browse
around the site.

See my blog for more details:

I'd really appreciate some help on some of the enhancements and bugs, I'm a
full time policy researcher not a programmer and my hacking is pretty rough
& ready so more experienced hands would be welcome.


http://tom.acrewoods.net   http://twitter.com/tom_chance
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