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On 11 April 2011 23:39, SomeoneElse <lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk> wrote:

>>> On 9 April 2011 08:15, Peter Miller <peter.miller at itoworld.com <mailto:
>>> peter.miller at itoworld.com>> wrote:
>>> ...
>>>    We seem to be nudging towards something close to a conclusion.
>>>    Can I suggest that the following two methods are valid, however
>>>    the second one should be considered to be 'better' and where it is
>>>    used then it should be retained to avoid edit warring.
>>> ...
>       Method 2
>>> maxspeed=60 mph
>>> maxspeed:type=GB:rural
>>> source:maxspeed=survey
> Great - someone has now changed a bunch of "maxspeed=national" locally to
> me to to "maxspeed=60 mph".  Next I guess someone will come along and add
> "source:maxspeed=i_was_sat_in_my_armchair_and_it_seemed_like_a_good_idea" or
> similar?
> We've lost the information that the sign is actually NOT a 60 mph sign.
> Something like method 2 above would have avoided losing information
> (although "GB:rural" is meaningless; if pushed, "GB:national" or some
> variant would be better).

The general conclusion of the discussion above was that where maxspeed=60mph
is applied to a single carriageway road there is also a default
'maxspeed:type=GB:unrestricted' (or whatever value is decided on). This
default (and the one for 70mph for motorways and dual-carriageways) was
including to avoid burdening the mapper with another tag to add in most
situations. The only 60 mph signs that need another tag are those rare cases
where a single carriageway road does have a numeric speed limit.

Fyi, about 95% of currently mapped speed limits in GB at speeds of 60mph and
70mph speed limits were already tagged as 'maxspeed=60' and 'maxspeed=70'
when I first looked at this about 4 weeks ago leaving only about 5% tagged
as national or nsl.

I have been converting this remaining 5% over the past 2 weeks (with a brief
delay while we discussed the principle on talk-gb after a reversion of one
of my edits). I have had no complaints from others to my changes and only
one reversion of one section of the A1 as I mentioned in my post. I take
this as broad support for the changes.

By tomorrow there will be next to no remaining 'national' and 'nls' speed
limits in Britain other than in your patch around Macclesfied which I won't
touch any more.

There are also a small number (another 5%) of roads that are not in a
recognised mph format, either because the mph is missing or because it is in
km/h or for some other reason. I will be doing a copy-edit pass on these
either fixing them if it is obvious or marking them with a fixme:maxspeed
tag if not. I should be finished with that in about a week.



> Cheers,
> Andy
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