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On 12 April 2011 11:04, Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com> wrote:

> SomeoneElse <lists at ...> writes:
> >I can still map "maxspeed=what_the_sign_says" as I have been doing.
> Maybe it would be best to tag that as maxspeed_sign=what_the_sign_says.

Probably maxspeed:sign would be better than maxspeed_sign.

I do however think that maxspeed:sign could be clearer than maxspeed:type
and both are better than the maxspeed:source which is misused at present in
some places.

If we then have suitable national defaults for speed limits of different
values then I think that could work well.

I believe that it is only maxspeed values of 30mph, 60mph and 70mph that
would ever need a maxspeed:sign entry and are therefore the only ones were
an agreement is needed on suitable default values.

Incidentally, has anyone got an example of a 30mph zone starting based on
street lighting that is not also signed with a suitable 30mph sign? I
reaslise that 30mph signs were non-existent in 1934 when the 30mph urban
limit was introduced. However...I would be surprised if in the last 75 years
there hasn't been a full roll out of signage, if only because it is likely
to be much more effective at getting people to slow down.

I note kev js1982's comment about 70mph speed limit signs in Scotland.
Incidentally, I recollect that there was a proposal recently to covert all
'unrestricted' signs in the England and Wales to numeric format to avoid any



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