[Talk-GB] Maxspeed tagging for the UK

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Thu Apr 14 12:23:54 BST 2011

> In OSM we optimise for the mapper, not the data consumer. That
> means we tag exceptions, not majorities.

Admittedly I have no motorways in the area I map, but I have added
lots of maxspeed tags recently to try and eliminate (or reduce the
number of) mapdust/skobbler missing speed limit bugs. I have a few
lanes that I still need to re-visit to confirm whether they are
actually national speed limit (theoretical maxspeed - many are
clearly not that in practice) but almost all highway ways in
Tendring now have speeds linked to them.

I am not too fussed what system we come up with, as it should be
easy for me to update any ways that need retagging based on the
combination of maxspeed, source:maxspeed and maxspeed:type that have
ended up on various ways (one was one I just was using to help me
know which ways were dual carriageway or not, and the other was
something chriscf introduced). I do use the current car maxspeed
when tagging national speed limits as the wiki suggested that
maxspeed should be numeric with optional units, and I am not aware
of any class of vehicles that have a higher MAXspeed than cars (any
vehicle with a lower maxspeed will know not to exceed that anyway,


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