[Talk-GB] Roadside cycle-lanes vs. off-road cycle-paths

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Fri Apr 15 19:50:24 BST 2011

there's various lane indications such as
for various configurations of lane.

For separate from road, generally this is done similar to carriageways 
of dual carriageways, with a separate way, tagged highway=cycleway.

For some ways, especially well away from roads, and perhaps sometimes 
for sahred-use footways, you will also find
   highway=footway with bicycle=yes
meaning it is primarily a footway which bikes are permitted to use. 
Similarly highway=bridleway (with or without bicycle=yes - bridleways 
are legally permitted for bikes in the UK, so that is redundant, but I 
think some people do this to indicate it is more suitable for bikes than 
most bridleways).


On 15/04/2011 19:36, Graham Jones wrote:
> Phil,
> Well, I am sure that there are tags to go on the main highway way to
> show its cycleability - things like cycle=lane or cycle=track, to show a
> road with a separate cycle track running next to it rather than just a
> lane painted on the road,but I have just had a look on the Wiki and
> can't find it - you might have more success!
> Graham.
> On 15 April 2011 19:21, Phil Endecott <spam_from_osmgb at chezphil.org
> <mailto:spam_from_osmgb at chezphil.org>> wrote:
>     Dear Experts,
>     Can anyone propose a test that I can use to distinguish between
>     roadside cycle-lanes and off-road cycle paths?
>     This is part of my effort to superimpose OSM path info onto OS
>     District Map.  I would like to show off-road cycle paths that would
>     typically be shown on a paper OS map, perhaps as a bridleway, and
>     not roadside paths that would not be shown separately from the road
>     itself.
>     One option is to look only for the footpath/bridleway tags, but that
>     does seem to miss some things.
>     Any suggestions?
>     Thanks,  Phil.
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