[Talk-GB] Roadside cycle-lanes vs. off-road cycle-paths

Richard Mann richard.mann.westoxford at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 20:33:19 BST 2011

I think Phil wants to know how to distinguish a highway=cycleway next
to a road from one that's away from a road.

I'm afraid you can't, unless someone's added some tags to distinguish
them (the ones around Oxford have adjacent=yes tags for just this
purpose; I don't think there's any other tagging scheme).


On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 7:53 PM, David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com> wrote:
> On 15/04/2011 19:50, David Earl wrote:
>> there's various lane indications such as
>> cycleway=lane
> ...
> PS if you want examples, Cambridge and the surrounding area is particularly
> dense with all the variations of these all over the place.
> David
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