[Talk-GB] OSM Contributor Terms vs OS OpenData Licence

Robert Whittaker (OSM) robert.whittaker+osm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 17:41:15 BST 2011

On 18 April 2011 16:59, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:
> Robert Whittaker wrote:
>> I've just declined the new OSM Contributor Terms (CTs), because
>> I've previously made edits based on OS OpenData
> In which case, I would appreciate it that if you carry out any future
> non-OS-derived edits, you do so from another account with assent to the
> Contributor Terms.
> As an Oxfordshire mapper of many years' standing, I don't want the task of
> replacing your edits, post-changeover, to be any harder than it has to be.
> Please at least afford this little courtesy to your fellow mappers.

Don't worry, I've got no intention of letting my non-OS OpenData edits
be deleted from OSM. (And obviously I'd love it if everyone's OS
OpenData-derived edits could be kept too. But legally I don't see how
this is possible with the current CTs.)

My OS OpenData contributions were small in number and were all
attributed either in the source tag or in the changeset comments.
While I have reservations about the CTs, I'd be happy to sign them for
my other edits if/when OSMF figure out a way to separate edits. I'd
also be happy to sign if the CTs can be modified to allow OS OpenData,
or someone can demonstrate how/why it's ok to contribute OS OpenData
under the current CTs. (i.e. if I feel I'm legally able to, I'll sign
them -- so please don't blame me for not accepting them at the

LWG are aware of the OS OpenData issue, and I'm sure they'll come up
with a suitable way forward in the near future. Until then I'm
following the advice I got from an LWG member: "...if one wants to
play really safe, decline and wait for developments. Declines are
reversible and the matter will need further resolution before we get
to the point of preventing such folks from editing."

Given the size and number of my non-OS-OpenData contributions, I don't
see that there's much point in creating a new account at this stage.
Any new edits now would be a small fraction of what I've done
previously. And if it turns out OS OpenData isn't allowed at the
switch-over, the UK OSM community will have far bigger problems than
the loss of my edits. So rather than create a new account, I'm
planning to wait to see what OSMF/LWG comes up with in the near


Robert Whittaker

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