[Talk-GB] OSM Contributor Terms vs OS OpenData Licence

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Mon Apr 18 23:12:01 BST 2011

> I'm an outsider to all this OS business but if you guys in the UK should
> really have been uploading data that requires attributing OS in every
> downstream product then we have a problem which has nothing whatsover to
> do with the license change. I can see *no* OS attribution on any of the
> major tile providers, including our own. Of course you can always go to
> the source and see from the object history that OS was involved, but
> that is a technique that you seem to discount above.
> So either this is all a big misunderstanding, or nobody who used OS data
> until now has cared sh*t for the license.

It's on the "Copyright" page though


"United Kingdom: Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and 
database right 2010."

That is, IIRC, what we were required to state. And the original OS OpenData 
license was meant to be explicitly compatible with Creative Commons 

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