[Talk-GB] National Byway rendering on OpenCycleMap

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 17:05:05 BST 2011

 monxton [mailto:gmane at jordan-maynard.org] wrote:
>Sent: 19 April 2011 3:24 PM
>To: talk-gb at openstreetmap.org
>Subject: [Talk-GB] National Byway rendering on OpenCycleMap
>Lately I've been doing some tagging of the South-West region of the
>Byway, and I'm finding it quite disappointing that it is not rendered on
>cycle map.
>I've rummaged around in the history of this issue and located what I think
>the most relevant thread starters:
>also Richard's summary on the forum:
>These, and other threads I haven't listed, tend to end with Andy saying
>he will render the National Byway tags in their own colour some time in the

I guess we need to be patient with Andy. Yes it would be nice to see it
rendered as a brown line or whatever with little
http://www.thenationalbyway.org/img/nb_logo.gif shields instead of the
Sustrans NCN numbering. But I'm sure it will happen eventually.

>Is there any likelihood that that time is nigh? I know this sounds like a
nag, so if
>there anything that can be done (style files?) to help get to that point,
>happy to volunteer.
>(I know not everyone here cares for the National Byway. For me, it hits the
>spot for route planning much better than the Sustrans routes, which tend to
>be just too slow for long journeys.)

The two are trying to do very different things, each to their own.

(Yet another Sustrans Volunteer)

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