[Talk-GB] Definitive Public Right Of Way map for Northumberland

TimSC mapping at sheerman-chase.org.uk
Thu Apr 21 13:50:36 BST 2011

On 21/04/11 12:14, Graham Stewart wrote:
> Where do we stand if I manually create a way (i.e. by tracing from Bing
> imagery or by surveying it) and then refer to this published definitive
> map to determine if it is a designated footpath/bridleway/BOAT? (And
> possibly get other details that could be used in tags/notes like an
> identifier).
> Presumably this would be using the council's data and we would need some
> form of agreement with them?
The most I do is to compare the maps and how well or badly we are doing. 
It might also "inspire me" to go and find a footpath in the real world. 
In the end, all data should come from direct observations (or legally 
compatible data sets). I usually take extra care to photograph the signs 
and upload traces to show we actually surveyed things. I would strongly 
advise against taking the classification or route number from any 
council map or data set without permission (and some apparently do have 
permission). (Robert just made the same point.)

If we can get agreement from them and OS, we can use the data in OSM. 
Some councils seem to have a more permissive attitude. Mike Harris 
mentions two councils that have no restriction on the definitive map (as 
long as the underlying OS map not covered) [1]. Mike, which council's 
are these, and are they willing to make a public statement? (An FOI can 
be used to force a response, but strictly speaking, FOI should be used 
for fractal data, not interpretation of law.) Contrary to Robert's view, 
I don't think FOI can be used to get the information directly, as the 
FOI response is still copyright.

I still think that the PSMA exemption route might be necessary, because 
it seems likely to me the definitive map is a derivative work from OS 
maps. If anyone has relevant contacts in local authorities, please make 
them aware of the option and encourage them to take it. The council 
might release the data as "free to use" or as OGL or Opendata, and I am 
not sure if the OGL or Opendata is compatible with the CTs... (I suspect 
it isn't.)

If you have patience, the OS 7th series sheets that are coming out of 
copyright and have rights of way on them. Of course they are 50 years 
out of date... (but it's mostly accurate in my experience).

[1] http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-gb/2011-March/011269.html
> (God how I hate licensing/copyright issues!)
I second that motion.



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