[Talk-GB] Potlatch 2 POI video re-edited

David Ellams osmlists at dellams.fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 24 00:31:57 BST 2011

After a mere aeon, I have finally got around to re-recording the
voiceover for the Potlatch 2 POI tutorial. I have also trimmed
out some of the dead time, thus cutting the length to 4:23, and
added a couple of labels that pop up as I describe parts of the
screen. I've uploaded an "HD" version to Vimeo:


I have linked it to the video wiki page and Potlatch 2 wiki

I have also cut the first bit out for a shorter version (3:43) to
be embedded in a future version of Potlatch 2, as it seems
reasonable to assume that someone who is watching from within the
application has already discovered how to get into it.

I'll never be 100% happy with the voiceover (if there are any
voiceover artists in the OSM community - feel free to dub it!),
but I have at least sorted out the bass issue. One day I might
even get around to doing part 2. But you could always beat me to




1. http://vimeo.com/22773831
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