[Talk-GB] os.openstreetmap.org down?

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Wed Feb 2 16:17:29 GMT 2011

On 2 February 2011 15:31, Chris Moss <moschris at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Thank you Tom, can you tell me a little more as I'm a newbie.
> The only thing I can find on the wiki is the developer's FAQ:
> I've been blocked from the API for downloading too much. Now what?
> Our API is mainly intended for the use of map editor software. It is not
> suitable for inclusion in your production-release software.
> Is this what you're referring to, or something else? What is time limit on
> it? 1 hour, 24 hours, what?

Scrolling around a lot in Potlatch 2 in a densely mapped area while
zoomed out can tigger the rate limit. If the area is densely mapped
then zoom in before scrolling around to reduce the chance of
triggering the limit. Alternatively switch to the View tab when
scrolling around.

The block is automatically lifted within a few minutes.


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