[Talk-GB] OS bot proposal

Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 12:52:22 GMT 2011

I couldn't agree more with Richard that there is no co-ordinated effort to
build a true community of occasional mappers, encouraging those who are not
and do not want to be hard-core map geeks, or to publicise what we are doing
to attract  more developers and mappers and co-operation from data producers
and consumers. As OSM matures as a project there just appears to be masses
more to do - more data, more accuracy etc. and without more input the active
mappers today are either going to burn out or we'll take years and years to
get to a uniformly accurate and complete map.  Everything just seems hit and
miss driven by a few core individuals and their individual passions. Perhaps
this is why we need a UK chapter?



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