[Talk-GB] Adding a further 250, 000 UK roads quickly using a Bot?

Ed Avis eda at waniasset.com
Fri Feb 4 13:20:21 GMT 2011

Richard Fairhurst <richard at ...> writes:

>If we import OS OpenData into OSM, then OSM becomes national *but* is
>no longer rich.

I can't agree with that at all.  A blank area is not any more 'rich'
than one with basic details complete.  We do not improve the map by
leaving blank bits.

There are parts of OSM today which have only very basic street layout,
worse than the OS data.  Do you suggest deleting them to make the map

>Because no-one is out there trudging the streets, because no-one
>cares for the data, it becomes sterile. I note, once again, that the
>Worcester estates that someone "helpfully" traced from StreetView
>last year are still bereft of most of the footpaths and half of the
>road names.

And estates that nobody traced from StreetView, and were left
blank... are mostly still blank.

Perhaps we do need some better motivating tool to encourage people to
visit areas which have been only traced from OS.  When things are
traced from Yahoo the old 'nonames' tiles straightforwardly directs
mappers to go and visit them on foot.  An equivalent for OS might be
useful.  I have been thinking, too, about a 'noname buildings' layer
for large buildings with no name or address.

>Can't we actually have a go at doing it ourselves and finishing the
>UK this year? Say "right, let's look at a bot in spring 2012, but we
>have a year to get this right"?

I think that would be a fair compromise - I think we have already
waited long enough, but I'm willing to go with your suggestion.

It does not imply at all that in 2012 we should just give up on
mapping parties and community outreach and all the other good things
you have talked about.  Only that we should consider using all the
other resources we have too, to make the best map possible.

Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com>

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