[Talk-GB] Potlatch 2 tutorial videos. (Was: Re: Adding a further 250, 000 UK roads quickly using a Bot?)

davespod osmlists at dellams.fastmail.fm
Fri Feb 4 15:43:20 GMT 2011

Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> (I've asked MapQuest to work on tutorial videos because, guess what, none
> of you lot have had the 
> imagination to think "if I were a new user, what would help me most?".)

Funny you should mention that. In the spirit of the do-ocracy I got started
on what I envisage being a series of short tutorial videos over Christmas,
but then got side-tracked by other commitments (kids and work!). 

I’ve created a first attempt at a short tutorial video for adding POIs using
Potlatch 2. I envisage this being part of a series of 3 short videos. I see
parts 2 and 3 covering tracing ways from Bing, possibly adding ways to route
relations, creating areas (closed ways) and a few remaining features. The
aim is to keep each video under five minutes long (as I personally would not
sit through an online tutorial any longer than that!). I’ve also aimed to
make it reasonably easy to re-edit the video once P2 is the default editor.

Apologies for not posting this earlier. The reason was that I am not happy
with the first attempt, because the sound quality is poor, my intonation is
a bit odd at times (due to tiredness) and am sure I can tighten it up to be
shorter. I intended to re-record in light of what I have learnt about
screencasting (which I have not done for years, and is harder to do well
than it looks). But then got side-tracked (see above).

So I would welcome any feedback on my first attempt, and my proposed
approach. If people think it is right, I will also ask for feedback on talk
and newbies. I will then re-record part 1 and have a go at parts 2 and 3. If
Mapquest are already well down the line with something very similar, perhaps
I should not duplicate the effort (on the other hand perhaps there is no
harm: we have multiple editors, why not multiple tutorials?).

Here it is:


David (davespod)

P.S. I have no particular interest in having my name in lights and I’d
consider releasing this CC0 to maximise worry-free re-editing or plagiarism.
However, I’m slightly concerned there might be howls of anguish if OSM data
is in a CC0 video. I believe it would be fair use, as would using Bing
imagery in the background, so more worried about the community reaction than
the legality.

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