[Talk-GB] Potlatch 2 tutorial videos. (Was: Re: Adding a further 250, 000 UK roads quickly using a Bot?)

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Fri Feb 4 15:56:51 GMT 2011

On 4 February 2011 15:43, davespod <osmlists at dellams.fastmail.fm> wrote:

> Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> > (I've asked MapQuest to work on tutorial videos because, guess what, none
> > of you lot have had the
> > imagination to think "if I were a new user, what would help me most?".)
> Funny you should mention that. In the spirit of the do-ocracy I got started
> on what I envisage being a series of short tutorial videos over Christmas,
> but then got side-tracked by other commitments (kids and work!).

Not sure if I'm also in Richard's "you lot" club, but I produced a fairly
easy going introduction to OSM and Potlatch 2 including a video last year:


I need to redo the video now I've set the site up off the OSM dev server, so
any feedback is much appreciated.

Dave, very nice video. I must include the "undo" bit for people who panic! I
would include a mention of features that Potlatch 2 might not recognise
(look in advanced), and I'd replace the one bit of jargon ("production
database") with some plain english (perhaps "live database"?).


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