[Talk-GB] Update to OSM Analysis

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Feb 7 09:39:14 GMT 2011

Peter (I think) wrote:

> To my mind one the main benefits of the bot I have suggested is
the reliable 
> attribution of content that comes with it. When a name is added
from os locator 
> then there is always a 'source:name=os locator' added as well so
anyone coming 
> along later knows. When geometry is added from os vector district
then there is 
> always a 'source:geometry=os vector district' and also a
'surveyed=no'. If left 
> to keen tracers we are very unlikely to have that level of detail.

When adding road names from OS Locator I use the suggested values
from here:
which are OS_OpenData_StreetView, OS_OpenData_Locator and the like.

To see all the different values that begin OS or os (and I know
there are values which are in the format "<something>;OS%" look at
then sort by value (ascending) with 15 items per page and look at
roughly pages 481 to 512 (for OS...) and 1818 to 1824 (for os...)


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