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i know being able to agree to the new CTs is a concern for some
people, especially with sources which may have been used in only a
small number of edits. one potential solution could be allowing each
changeset to carry some relicensability information, as richard sets
out below. there's a survey at the end so that we (LWG) can determine
if this would be a useful feature or not, and i encourage everyone to
have a think about it and have a go at the survey.



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There have been previous discussions regarding "per changeset relicensing".

I'd like to know if developing the tools to allow per changeset
relicensing is worthwhile.  There will be some effort involved in the
coding, so it would be good to know in advance if this option will be
used by many or few mappers.

The intent of per changeset relicensing is to permit those with a
general agreement to the terms and license, but with a specific
concern about a source for a particular changeset to relicense their
data, but not relicense that data about which they are concerned.


Prof. Mapper maps by GPS and survey as she travels.  She also helped a
friend map in Erehwon, and added street names from Erehwon Council
data.  Erehwon council have given permission for derivation to OSM
under CC-By-SA, but discussion is continuing re: CT/ODbL, Prof. Mapper
agrees with CT/ODbL but recognizes that She doesn't have permission
yet to relicense the Erehwon street names.

Prof. Mapper could accept CT/ODbL for the bulk of her mapping, and
mark the seven Erehwon changesets a with a checkbox for Do Not
Relicense and with a note, "Pending Erehwon Council permission".

This allows several options in the future. It points out datasets and
mappers with interest in discussing relicensing with a specific data
provider.  Should Erehwon Council agree to ODbL prior to any change
over date, the data can be included. If not, Prof. Mapper may continue
with their unencumbered data.


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