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> At 02:47 PM 7/01/2011, David Groom wrote:
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>>>In the case of the UK OS, there is a switch from a potential requirement 
>>>level 4 attribution to a clear requirement for level 1, so the Open
>>>Government Licence is definitely good news for handling highly granular
>>with regards to the OS OpenData, the bit in the licence which I am unsure 
>>about are the following lines, taken from 
>>"You must always use the following attribution statement to acknowledge 
>>the source of the Information : 'Contains Ordnance Survey data  Crown 
>>Copyright and database right 2011'"
>>"The same attribution statements must be contained in any sublicenses of 
>>the information that you grant, together with a requirement that any 
>>further sub-licences do the same"
>>Unfortunately the line above seems to me to extend the attribution 
>>requirements required for OpenData to a much higher attribution 
>>requirement than that required by the OGL .
> Thanks, David.  Bother.  Either it refers only to Royal Mail-tainted 
> Code-Point data as immediately above the text or the OS are pulling a fast 
> one by re-writing the OGL ... making it effectively their old problematic 
> license.  Assuming the latter we'll need to lobby.  UK members of this 
> list may like to help by reading through the UK government's general 
> guidelines and see if anything is clearly conflicting with what they have 
> done:


It says "attribution statements" in the plural, therefore indicating to me 
that it refers to both the OS attribution statement and the Royal Mail 
attribution statement where applicable.


> http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/government-licensing/guidance-for-information-providers.htm
> The best I can find so far is that the layout of the page link in David's 
> email has this extra text not anticipated in the general guideline:
> http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/government-licensing/how-to-make-information-available.htm
> "It incorporates the Open Government License for pubic sector information 
> (see below and 
> http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/) which is 
> varied by the following terms:"
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