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Craig Wallace craigw84 at fastmail.fm
Tue Jan 18 02:20:41 GMT 2011

On 17/01/2011 23:05, Chris Moss wrote:
> I'm interested in the GB waterways and it seems there's quite a bit of
> work done but it's totally invisible. Is anyone working on a layer like
> the cycle map, which leaps out from the overlays as the only minority
> interest yet developed?
> It's not the only layer I'd like to see. What about walking paths,
> railways, contours,  points of interest, postcode areas, administrative
> boundaries, constituencies, bus routes, etc., etc.

Quite a few of those are already available. Have a look at this page 
which lists loads of different things: 

Specifically, there's a few different maps for walking paths (with 
contours etc). eg Freemap is a UK based one: http://www.free-map.org.uk/
Or Hike & Bike map: http://hikebikemap.de/
For bus routes (and railway lines etc) there's Öpnvkarte (aka 
OpenBusMap): http://öpnvkarte.de/
For UK postcodes, there is a map here (though the server seems to be 
down right now): http://random.dev.openstreetmap.org/postcodes/

Though I've not seen an online map specifically for waterways. There is 
a Garmin format map of UK canals, though I've never tried it, and it 
doesn't seem to have been updated recently: 

> Shouldn't maps allow you to concentrate on whatever you're interested
> in? Can someone please explain to me how or if this can be done with
> openstreetmap?

Yes, you can use the OSM data to create a map of whatever you like. For 
how to, you can start with this page: 
Some of the software can be a bit complicated to setup, the easiest 
option is probably Maperitive.

Or if you just want to add simple icons as a layer on top of a standard 
OSM map, you could use OpenLayers. Some examples here to start with: 


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