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Written last night, so some of this goes over ground already covered. 

At one stage someone was doing a canal & waterway map, but I think those 
involved have other time commitments, like maintaining OSM editors and doing the 
default cartography.
Nick Whitelegg has Freemap which is aimed at walking. A number of maps cover 
Europe in the categories you mention, for instance Lonvia's hiking map, Hike and 
Bike map, OSMC Reitkarte (riding & hiking, germany & surroundings), OpenBusMap, 
and so on. There are postcode maps, POI overlay tools, etc. as well. Contours 
are not part of OSM for a range of reasons. So virtually all the things you 
would like to see exist, but each is done as a separate project by an individual 
or group with a particular interest. So invisible isn't really fair: but I would 
accept that these are not immediately obvious.

A lot of these projects share common problems: hosting (costs, access etc), 
maintaining up-to-date data, development work. OpenBusMap for instance has not 
updated for several months for these reasons. The ever increasing volume of data 
in OSM doesn't make life easier for people running these projects.

Not to forget that people have jobs, families, holidays, and like to go mapping 
too! Much of the leg-work that does happen tends to go into tools to help 
improve the quality of the data. So the most useful map renders tend to be one 
which help mappers to see things which have been missed, or errors in data 
entry. On the other hand, there is also a tendency for things that get rendered 
to get mapped.

There are also tools like Maperitive & Kosmos which allow rendering on the 
desktop of subsets of data, such as power, public transport etc: the rendering 
rules can be shared. Also the Cloudmade site allows customised rendering.

Of course it would be nice to have dedicated hardware for serving a range of 
UK-based maps, as some of the more tedious aspects of maintaining current data 
could be shared. However, we don't have a UK umbrella organisation for OSM, and 
the folk who might be able to maintain such a server already spend lots of their 
free time keeping the worldwide OSM platform going.


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I'm interested in the GB waterways and it seems there's quite a bit of work done 
but it's totally invisible. Is anyone working on a layer like the cycle map, 
which leaps out from the overlays as the only minority interest yet developed?

It's not the only layer I'd like to see. What about walking paths, railways, 
contours,  points of interest, postcode areas, administrative boundaries, 
constituencies, bus routes, etc., etc.

Shouldn't maps allow you to concentrate on whatever you're interested in? Can 
someone please explain to me how or if this can be done with openstreetmap?


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