[Talk-GB] invisible

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Jan 18 15:09:19 GMT 2011

>I think that a static (periodically refreshed) 'binary tile'
>architecture where the OSM DB is boiled down into tiles designed for
>the single purpose of being rendered quickly is the way to go.
>Ideally a map viewer can then call upon both the standard bitmap tiles
>and the vector tiles and combine them how it chooses.

I did do something like this some time ago for the purpose of building an experimental 3D vector renderer of OSM data overlaid on an SRTM 3D landscape. You could request OSM data by tile; it was in a format optimised for rendering (basically, ways were sent back to the client as XML or JSON lists of coordinates in "Google Mercator" (900913) projection ready to render, rather than OSM IDs). However due to reorganisation of the Freemap server, the URL is no longer live. However it is in OSM SVN under


and I can dig out a live demo if there is interest.


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