[Talk-GB] Waterways Map (was invisible)

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 10:48:29 GMT 2011

James Davis wrote:
>> Dealing with 'disused' was nice and easy - I have deleted disused locks altogether and changed disused canals to a fainter, dotted line (see just north of Carnforth near Lancaster).  I am not sure I have ever seen a 'disused' canal - does this mean a ditch, or just an overgrown, impassable canal?
> Varies a lot, there's one that passes near my house and there's no sign that it ever existed, it's route has been tarmaced over forms part of a residential street. Further out of town it varies from a small gap between hedgerows (again not easily recognisable as a canal) to a ditch, to sections that still contain water and remnants of locks. From aerial photographs; the breaks in developments caused by the canal make the route very obvious.

Having seen the state of SOME of the canals that are now reopened it's a little 
difficult to say that just because you can't currently see it that it will not 
re-appear at some stage. It's a little like the disused railways. If some group 
decide that it's worth reopening then the historic data of where it used to run 
may well be of use.

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