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Thu Jan 20 11:09:45 GMT 2011

I was working on this very area this morning - now (I think) much improved.

I went with canal + boat=no for the New River as it's man-made but non-navigable.


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On 20/01/11 10:04, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Graham Jones wrote:
>> I just added navigable rivers and it looks a bit more like a network now.
>> There are still a few odd gaps to investigate though.
> That's putting it mildly. :)
> I knew our waterway coverage was erratic but I hadn't realised it was _that_
> poor. Navigable rivers are particularly sporadic (very little of the Thames
> appears to be tagged as boat=yes). And as for the Macclesfield Canal's new
> western extension, complete with cycleway...

On the other side of the coin we appear to think the New River is
navigable, which I'd love to see somebody try...

We also doesn't seem to know the difference between the Lee Navigation
and the non-navigable channels of the Lea. The Stort however seems to
become non-navigable above Roydon despite us knowing it has locks there.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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