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I note on the Natural England condition statement that they use the  phrase 
"Residual Waterway", so perhaps we can make use of something like  

Jonathan Briggs did a nice article on the  ecology of the Montgomery Canal in 
British Wildlife a few years ago (BW,  17:401-410, 2006 IIRC).

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Someoneelse wrote:
> I suspect that you could probably get a larger boat along the top 
> bit (just south of Ambergate) without too many issues, but I think 
> the bottom bit had signs suggesting not to disturb anything.

From WW's most recent article on the Cromford:

And indeed, since 2005 (WW January 2006), FCC do run occasional horse-drawn
boat trips there. (Unpowered boats obviously create less disturbance to
vegetation in the channel - similar reasoning is behind the 2mph limit on a
stretch of the Montgomery IIRC.)

So the correct way to tag the stretch from Ambergate to Cromford would be
something indicating horse-drawn boats yes, powered boats no. I'll leave it
to the wikifiddlers to decide what key/value pair works for that. :)


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