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Bob Kerr openstreetmapcraigmillar at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 21 09:45:16 GMT 2011

I would like to support the idea of name:gd=***** for Gaelic names. 
In Portree there are definitely two names in OS Locator for several roads
an example is 
highway: residentialname: Mill Parkname:gd: Pairc na Muilnesource: OS_OpenData_StreetView
If there has not been an official vote on this type of tag then maybe a decision should be made because it will affect a
 lot of people making international language maps.
for example
I would be willing to help with some wiki work if needed to set up voting though I think a straight decision would be a lot easier.
Nice work on the new OSM Analysis by the way. Any chance of  totals in the table analysis page. It would give us a type of countdown clock for the uk

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On 20/01/2011 17:28, Peter Miller wrote:
> On 20 January 2011 17:20, Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net
> <mailto:tom at acrewoods.net>> wrote:
>     How about dialects?
>     name:en
>     name:cy
>     name:gd
>     name:gv
>     name:sco
>     name:ga
>     Whatever other regional languages we have.
> we believe that the OS Locator content is always in English. In the
> Western Isles the name field for roads in OSM often holds the Gaelic
> version with the English
 in en:name hence our support for that tag. Do
> tell me if I am wrong on that.

The OS Locator data does have Gaelic names in some places.
See for example Portree: http://oscompare.raggedred.net/?zoom=15&lat=57.41533&lon=-6.20179&layers=B0TF
Also some parts of Stornoway: http://oscompare.raggedred.net/?zoom=15&lat=58.21523&lon=-6.37094&layers=B0TF

Though it is inconsistent, with English names for some roads, Gaelic names for others. I have also noticed a few places where it seems to have both languages, so it has a separate box for each.
For Stornoway, the Gaelic names are in the name= tag, with name:en for English.
But for Portree it is mostly the English name in
 the name= tag, with name:gd for the Gaelic names. Its debatable which one should be considered the 'primary' name there.


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