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Ralph Smyth RalphS at cpre.org.uk
Tue Jan 25 17:49:21 GMT 2011


I'm emailing to introduce myself, the Campaign to Protect Rural
England's (CPRE) Transport Toolkit project (a key part of which is to
increase coverage and use of OSM derived data in rural communities) and
implications/opportunities of the Localism Bill for OSM. 

I have already been in contact with some individuals on this list and am
grateful for their assistance. There are a number of issues I wanted to
post on, so hope you don't mind this lengthy introduction to explain
some context.

	Transport Toolkit
Due to be launched this summer, the Toolkit will be sent out to the
third of parish councils that are members of CPRE as well as promoted
widely on-line to environmental and community groups. It was highlighted
in last week's Local Transport White Paper (LTWP) as an example of the
Big Society in action.

It is divided into three parts - Planning Neighbourhood Transport,
Influencing Travel Behaviour and Improving Infrastructure & Services -
each containing individual topics like creating a Village Travel Plan,
getting your area covered fully on OSM, producing a local bus or cycle
map and setting up electric bike pools or car clubs. 

Research into 'Smarter Choices' (marketing to promote sustainable
travel) has shown that simple information like personalised maps and
timetables can be really effective in changing behaviour. But local
government cuts are being focused on spending such as this that is not
seen as essential as repairing potholes so programmes are under threat
across the country. That said many of the maps made by local authorities
left a lot to be desired, not least as they tended to use a different
key to each other. 

So mapping is a key part of the Toolkit. While web based info is great,
particularly for planners like cyclestreets, I'm interested in new
renderings for OSM data to make producing legible, paper based versions
of maps easy too that can be put up on village notice boards, in pub car
parks etc.

Action: If anyone can help with working with some pilot communities to
improve OSM coverage of their areas (specifically in Hampshire) that we
can use as a case study, or help design renderings to make a more
easy-to-print version of OSM focusing on walking, cycling or public
transport, please contact me off-list

	Localism Bill
More at:
Derived from the Tory 'Open Source Planning' Green Paper, the Localism
Bill is vast. The main point of interest is the proposal for
neighbourhood plans to be the foundation of a 'rebooted' (not sure if
all the IT metaphors are always appropriate here!) planning system. 

To be able to plan well, you need information and a key part of spatial
planning is mapping. I think there's a huge opportunity for OSM to
provide a vital tool for communities to do their own neighbourhood
plans, backed up with neighbourhood mapping. One problem could be adding
planning permission/planning use classes as most of the data is OS
derived, I think. 

Another is how to allow communities to start with OSM and map out how
they would like their community to look in the future...without putting
those changes into OSM. It's one thing to mark where you think cycle
parking should go on a new layer, another to plan new housing, parks
etc. Any ideas how this could work? Certainly in terms of the Toolkit, I
see OSM as being a vital aid to plan things like new cycle or community
transport routes.

Other possibly relevant parts of the Bill to OSM are a general power of
competence for local authorities and a 'community right to challenge'
authorities to let community groups bid for services. The former could
encourage authorities to work with groups to improve OSM coverage. The
latter could allow OSM groups to bid to run council's GIS departments.
But perhaps that's for the longer term / a discussion down the pub...

Action: Perhaps this is something for general discussion?

Sorry for the long email and thanks for bearing with me!

Best wishes

Ralph Smyth
Senior Transport Campaigner
Campaign to Protect Rural England
128 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SW

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