[Talk-GB] Freemap (UK OSM walking map) updates

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Jan 25 22:47:08 GMT 2011

Have made a few updates to Freemap (www.free-map.org.uk) recently.  Here's a summary:

* You can once again add annotations  (anything which might be of interest to walkers, such as interesting  views, path directions, points of historical interest, problems or  anything else) to the map; these can be accompanied by a photo. Furthermore, if the  annotation is on a footpath, you can select the direction which the  annotation applies to (for example, a steep uphill climb will only apply  to one direction), and when creating walking routes (see below) the  annotation will only be included in the walking route if it matches the  direction of travel. * You can now draw a walking route on top of the map. Having done this, the underlying OpenStreetMap data, together with the annotations  described above, are used to create a self-describing walking route  which you can print off and take with you on a walk; both HTML and PDF  formats are supported. (This may be a little slow as the Freemap server has to contact the SUCS server to obtain the rendered tiles that the walk route is drawn on). If you are logged in, you can save your walking  route for later retrieval. 

 * You can upload photos; these can be viewed on the  online map but do not yet appear in the printed descriptions, however  they should do shortly. One idea I do have is to allow users to annotate  the photos themselves, for example, if a path crosses a field and it’s  unclear which corner of the field you should aim for, the user should be able  to indicate this by annotating the photo (fun with canvas ;-) ). This is not yet implemented but it’s certainly my aim to do so.
Full details on the blog at http://www.free-map.org.uk/wordpress/?p=152.


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