[Talk-GB] Tile based OSM data server

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Jan 28 15:36:53 GMT 2011


ISTR someone on talk-gb mentioning the desirability of a tile based OSM data server about a week or so ago, where you can query based on standard x,y,z tiles. I said I would dig it out and it is available under OSM SVN at


It works off a standard OSM PostGIS database, but returns its own XML or JSON format optimised for rendering (i.e. a list of actual coordinates in 900913 projection) rather than standard OSM XML. (I wrote this primarily to act as a backend for the WebGL viewer)

It depends on a couple of other PHP files so best download the whole free-map.org.uk archive. (I'm planning to move all this to github to make it easier for people to contribute)


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