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Bob Kerr openstreetmapcraigmillar at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 3 09:43:07 BST 2011


I was thinking last night about the ITO Analysis heat map as a tool that motivates people to look into doing some mapping in different area's.


I was wondering what statistics are available that we could use to make an interactive visualisation/map of the quality/last time edited of the pages on the wiki.
I think analysing the whole wiki might be too confusing but maybe a smaller subset like tags might be worth experimenting on. If we had a map which shows which tags have been accepted, which are proposed and not voted on, which are proposed and abandoned, which set of tags are confusing or need to be rethought. I am definitely thinking of a map and not a series of graphs, I would need to be able to zoom in on a proposal that has not be acted on for a year so that I could deleted it,

If we gave the wiki page itself some tags




If we had a voting tag then we can show which proposals are currently being voted on


needs translation

duplication= wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/********

cleanup= yes

for areas that we need more documentation we can create a page then add the tag

page=not started

My mind is wandering a bit this morning so if this sounds daft please ignore


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