[Talk-GB] Forestry Commission Data

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Tue Jul 26 12:24:54 BST 2011

On 26/07/11 11:59, Curon Davies wrote:
> Back in January there was a discussion regarding Forestry Commission
> data, I've had a quick look and couldn't see anything since. It looks
> like the data was released last month:
> http://www.forestry.gov.uk/datadownload
> The license looks a bit problematic at first glance, but it looks like
> some good data being released (boundaries, tracks and others). And
> there is a lot more information for Scotland.
The terms of use specifically states Non-Commercial purposes, which is 
not acceptable for use in OSM.

You might like to lobby them to release their data under the Open 
Government Licence which would be acceptable.

Cheers, Chris
user: chillly

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