[Talk-GB] University of Cambridge OpenStreetMap project

Bob Dowling rjd4+osm at cam.ac.uk
Thu Jul 28 10:37:44 BST 2011

*University of Cambridge: OpenStreetMap project*

The University Computing Service (UCS) wishes to replace the current 
on-line University map system with one based on OpenStreetMap. To this 
end an initial project has been allocated a fixed fund and we seek to 
engage a consultant to work on it.

*The project*

The project will consist of four components:
1. The generation of detailed, definitive map data for a subset of the 
University to be fed into OSM. (The consultant will identify an 
appropriate area to map given the budgetary constraints.)

2. Recommendations for the handling of sensitive location data.

3. The design and implementation of an instance of an OSM delivery 
system on a UCS platform, presenting the map's web pages in the 
University house style.

4. Knowledge transfer to UCS staff so that further surveying can be done 
in-house and the system can be maintained with UCS resources.


1. We intend that the data gathered for this project will be added to 
the main OSM database.

2. The project has been assigned fixed funds. Determining the amount of 
surveying work that can be done for that much money (and the prediction 
of the costs involved in surveying the entire University) is one of the 
outcomes of the project.

3. The UCS standard server is an RPM-based Linux system installed by an 
automated build system. The server typically runs PostgreSQL (preferred) 
or MySQL (if required by the application layer).


We would expect the consultant to have a familiarity with
1. OpenStreetMap

2. Linux server administration


Interested parties should contact
     Bob Dowling
     Head of Online Services
for both formal and informal enquiries.

     University Computing Service
     New Museums Site
     Pembroke Street
     CB2 3QH

Email: rjd4 at cam.ac.uk
Phone: (01223) 334710


Application deadline: Friday 9th September
Selection by: Friday 16th September
Project duration: negotiable, but must be complete by June 2012

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