[Talk-GB] GPS jamming

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Fri Mar 18 11:18:22 GMT 2011

I have been notified of two separate military exercises which will 
involve GPS jamming. The first is a deliberate GPS jamming exercise 
which being from a airborne source will affect ground based GPS. The 
second is a more general radar and communication jamming exercise and 
should have less effect on ground-based GPS.

Exercise 1:

Dates: Jamming will be conducted on a maximum of 3 week-days in the 
period 10-21 July 2011.Times: 0900 -1730 BST.

Location: Jamming aircraft will orbit at 10,000ft above mean sea-level 
(AMSL) along a 50nm flightpath on a heading of 270°T from Kirkwall, 
starting 10nm to the west of Kirkwall and ending 60nm to the west of 

Possible areas affected: The GPS jamming is likely to affect civilian 
Standard Positioning Service (SPS) receivers over a large area. A 
minimum jammer to signal vulnerability of 30dB has been assumed for a 
civilian receiver. Signal theory suggests that a SPS civilian receiver 
should have approximately 32dB of jamming resistance.

Exercise 2:

Dates: 19 – 26 May 2011.

Times: limited periods between 0700z 19 May to 100z 26 May 2011.

Location: The ground based radar jamming events will take place in the 
SW approaches against the remote radar head at Portreath 21-22 May, 
undertaken by F-18 Growler aircraft. Additionally there will be radar 
jamming against deployed targets in South West Wales throughout the 
period 19-26 May. Communications and airborne radar jamming will take 
place throughout the same period on the East Coast with aircraft 
operating within the North Sea Military Danger Areas. Communications and 
maritime unit radar jamming will take place in the SW approaches and 
Bristol Channel. Falcon aircraft will operate from Sea Level to FL240 
unless jamming AEW aircraft where they may operate above FL245.

Cheers, Chris
user: chillly

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