[Talk-GB] new ITO Map service in beta

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Fri Mar 18 14:12:42 GMT 2011

ITO are pleased to announce a set of new 'overlay maps' for OpenStreetMap
which can highlights some of the data layers, such as speed limits, highway
lane widths, whether rivers are navigable and if buildings have addresses

The service is still very much in beta and may suffer if many people jump on
it at the same time but lets see what happens.

The service is available here:

And a wiki description is available here:

We are starting with a service for a bounding box that included the UK and
northern France, Holland, a bit of Germany and up to southern Norway and a
separate bounding box including the bay area, SF. The tiles will always be
based current daily diff planet data (with a 24 hour processing lag). We
should never serve old tiles from old data. If the service is noticeably
slow then please give it a break for a hour and then try again.

We will roll out the service to more areas as the system beds in and then
globally over the next few weeks assuming that the servers hold up.

We will gather feedback over the next week or so and then many some changes
to the service to iron out any wrinkles.


Peter Miller
ITO World Ltd
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