[Talk-GB] Drinking Map of UK

Craig Loftus craigloftus+osm at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 4 10:49:05 GMT 2011

> Using that as a basis we could tag
> building=distillery
> building=brewery
> building=cider_press
> building=perry_press
> (that should remove any spurious entries like "Brewery Apartments" if we
> just do a search on names)

Working within existing key definitions, I'm not sure this solves that
particular problem, the building key doesn't "imply the usage. If
something is built as a house, but now it happens to be a pub without
major modifications made, you should still tag it as building=house."
So assuming this refers to external modification, an old brewery that
has been converted to apartments could still be tagged as
building=brewery. So we need to combine it with something that
actually describes the use of the building.

craft=brewery would seem like the best fit but is limited to "for
small production on demand and by order.", it could probably be
stretched to cover most real ale breweries, perhaps with an
industry=brewery to describe the large volume producers?

> To cover all these establishments should we have an "industry sector" tag
> industry=alcohol or commercial=alcohol?  Perhaps alcoholic_beverage would be
> better to distinguish it from industrial alcohol?
> How to distinguish real ale from industrial mass market breweries?

Would the above craft/industry suggestion be enough to cover both of
these distinctions?

> Some breweries don't have visiting facilities so we need a tag to describe
> this. Any suggestions? Opening hours could do it maybe?

Opening hours + tourism=attraction?

> How to list awards e.g  CAMRA Pub of the Year 2010

Is this getting towards something better suited to a separate
database? If not, perhaps someone active in a CAMRA chapter can
suggest a schema?

This seems like a very rewarding winter mapping project :)


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