[Talk-GB] hgv=unsuitable?

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 8 21:54:44 BST 2011


Although these points are about tagging, I suspect they are rather 
UK-specific so I thought I would start enquiring here in talk-gb.

Is there any accepted tagging standard for the ubiquitous "Unsuitable 
for HGVs" (white text on blue background)? So it's not illegal for HGVs, 
just ill-advised. So it's a bit like "hgv=destination" in that you don't 
want to be there unless there's no reasonable alternative, but it is 
signed differently and probably not legally enforcable. I thought simply 
using "hgv=unsuitable" would fit nicely for this. Similarly 
"psv=unsuitable" if there is a sign "Unsuitable for buses/coaches", or 
even "motor_vehicle=unsuitable" for "Unsuitable for motor vehicles". Any 

How about "width limit 6'6" except for access"? Applications like truck 
routing will need to distinguish these from the straight maxwidth roads. 
How about "maxwidth:throughtraffic=6'6" ? Or "maxwidth=6'6" + 

I looked around on the wiki and (somewhat to my surprise) couldn't see 
it addressed there. Apologies if I have missed something; all pointers 
gratefully received!


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