[Talk-GB] Crowdsourcing crowdsourcing

Steve Chilton s.l.chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Fri Sep 16 19:44:02 BST 2011

The London Mapping Festival organisation (http://www.londonmappingfestival.org/) is producing a book to commemorate the Festival.
They have asked me to provide a suitable OSM map image to represent the project.
To accompany the map I have been asked to write around 200 words of text explaining the choice.
In the annex there will be 500 words on the project which I will also put together (quite short notice).
By this email I am asking the crowd to nominate a map view of London that you think shows off the mapping that has been done in London for the best.
Please also give your reasons.
I have my own ideas, but would like to see what others think, and hopefully have a bit of concensus on what to use.
I don't know yet how large a page space is available, but am asking for more info.
Please send a URL or written explanation of your view.


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