[Talk-GB] Bing background showing OS 1:50k when zoomed in to areas with no detailed coverage

Donald Noble drnoble at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 19:09:55 BST 2011

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

As of the last few days, I am getting OS 1:50k background mapping when
zoomed in to areas with no detailed coverage in the Bing aerial
imagery. Where there is detailed Bing imagery, that shows instead.

I presume this is a mistake/feature on Microsoft's part, and not a
change of heart by the Ordnance Survey, and that we shouldn't be
tracing the OS data. (which I'm not).

I am getting this in both JOSM, and also in Potlatch when I use the
(default) Bing imagery background layer. An example is at Coulter,
North Lanarkshire -
(although if one zooms in to z16 or above in Potlatch the OS map
disappears, which it doesn't in JOSM)

I am using the basic Landsat layer as a workaround so as not to be
tracing over OS 1:50k maps, but maybe not everybody will (know) to do

Cheers, Donald

Donald Noble
http://drnoble.co.uk - http://flickr.com/photos/drnoble

Donald Noble
http://drnoble.co.uk - http://flickr.com/photos/drnoble

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