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Indeed. It looks like it's mainly the university sites and arterial roads.
Does your main shopping area pretty much coincide with Oxford Uni's main
colleges? University of Kent in Canterbury and the city centre are separate
and you can see that there are lots of stands serving both:


1.27838&lon=1.07101&layers=BT> &lat=51.27838&lon=1.07101&layers=BT


PS I wonder whether the stands at Oxford Brookes Uni don't have any capacity
tags. They don't glow anywhere near as much on the map.



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Looks like there's only partial coverage in Oxford as well...


1.75754&lon=-1.2523&layers=BT> &lat=51.75754&lon=-1.2523&layers=BT

On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 10:28 AM, Gregory Williams
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I'm primarily a cyclist and interested in ensuring that our cycle coverage
is great. Whilst looking at the Bing! aerial imagery in Portsmouth recently
I spotted some cycleways and cycle lanes which we don't have in our map.
They looked like they were in fairly established areas of the city so I
wonder whether there's any other cycling facilities that we're missing?
Portsmouth is a little far for me to go on a GPS mapping expedition, so I
was wondering if there are any more local cycle mappers that may be
interested in scouting out facilities. It seems that we've probably missed
quite a bit of cycle parking in Gosport too, given its density in
Portsmouth, but seeming absence in Gosport:


0.80969&lon=-1.10888&layers=BT> &lat=50.80969&lon=-1.10888&layers=BT



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